Project D - Pool, patio & landscape: AfterLandscape Design

Heartwood offers full-service landscape design and maintenance for everything from the most basic yards to extensive projects. We can bring your vision to reality!


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Landscape Installation

Heartwood’s team of designers and landscape experts can create and install the perfect yard for your home or landscape for your business. The project could include installing beds and watering systems, planting trees, even building walkways and retaining walls. We have the experience, knowledge and the teamwork to get the project done right…


landscape-irrigation-garden-paver-walkwayLandscape Irrigation Systems

Keeping your landscape plantings fully watered can be a chore, especially in times of drought or dry spells. Let Heartwood install a highly efficient trickle irrigation system for your property. These systems use less water by bringing irrigation directly to the root zone. The delivery tubing is neatly out of sight underground or under…


landscape-erosion-control-riprap-gabions-Elk-river-Cecil-County-MarylandLandscape Erosion Control

We can help manage runoff by diverting and channeling rain water, thus preventing your topsoil from being washed away. We can protect your waterfront property’s shoreline by installing rip rap and gabions to prevent the tide from eroding away your investment. Also, have you thought about letting us put your gutter downspouts and drain pipes underground? This creates a neater appearance for your property and also helps prevent flooded basements and swampy spots in your yard…